Technical assistance

  • Repair of all types of compressors
  • Screw unit overhauls
  • Application of inverters and soft-start on installed compressors
  • Scheduled and personalized maintenance
  • Moisture treatment plants
  • Realization of distribution systems, compressed air
  • Cooling chiller
  • Industrial air conditioning
  • Tank thickness measurements with ultrasonic equipment
  • Realization of insulated channels for the recovery of Kcal/h
  • Mounting of water/oil plate heat exchangers to heat water that can be used for central heating
  • Emergency assistance


  • Design of entire compressor rooms
  • Design of distribution, compressed air and vacuum systems
  • Determination of compressed air consumption
  • Compressor flow measurements
  • Measurements of implant volumes
  • Monitoring of oil residue in compressed air

Compressed air purification

Modern production and processing facilities require the highest quality, moisture-free air.

Thanks to filtration, we are able to guarantee a product of impeccable quality and which functions efficiently.

Sale and rental

  • Low and high pressure piston compressors (max 40 bar)
  • Oil-free piston compressors
  • Boosters (pressure suppressors)
  • Lubricated screw compressors from 2,2 to 500 kw
  • Oil-free screw compressors from 37 to 300 kw
  • Screw compressors with variable speed and capacity from 4 to 350 kw
  • Oil-free screw compressors with variable speed and flow rate from 37 to 300 kw
  • Low pressure blowers
  • Electric and pneumatic vacuum pumps
  • Cooling chiller
  • Refrigeration cycle dryers
  • Absorption dryers
  • Low and high pressure filters
  • Condensate treatment plants
  • Nitrogen production plants